Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Starting on the left we'll number these bracelets 1-6.

1 and 5 are from a pair of sisters that have been coming to camp forever. I met them 5 summers ago when they were in my best friends cabin. I finally got to have them as a campers the past two years. These girls are always wearing tye-dye t-shirts they've done themselves, side ponytails, and nike shorts. They both have more energy than anyone else I know. I wish I could see them more.

2 is from one of my favorite students. I had her last semester but now she comes to my room first thing everyday to say "Hi" and hang out for approx. 3 minutes before first period. She loves "where the wild things are", going to youth group, friendship bracelet club, and making V bracelets with double string. She is one of the kindest Junior High girls I've met this year and is okay with being herself even if she doesn't do what's "cool".

3 is super faded and from way back last July. I met a little girl before lunch day. She told me she was from Mt. Zur so of course I started calling her Zur. I often say "p.s." in conversation when I want to add something so she called me p.s. I can't wait to see her this summer.

4 is from my twin. She was my camper for only a week but has become my penpal and friend. She's a senior in High School and I'm so impressed with her integrity and friendship with her younger sister and her passion for her faith. It hasn't worked out yet but I know that one day she will be a camp counselor or Young Life leader somewhere and she will make a huge difference in other kids' lives.

6 I GOT TODAY! One of my students came over to my desk before class started and pulled it out. Friendship bracelets are one of the very best surprises. This girl is a Tecumseh camper and a Friendship Bracelet Club member and one of my students. She is funny and smart and honest and I'm so glad when she walks into my classroom everyday. Oh, and she rocks at Bananagrams.

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