Thursday, April 29, 2010

People watching

I kind of hate going to run. And I don't really like starting to run. But I really love running once I'm going. I for sure love the feeling you get at the end of the run when you know you're getting close to the finish.

My favorite part though is the watching along the way. I run on this path called the Monon that runs all the way through Indy. Bordered by trees, pedestrians are safe and removed from traffic. So even when I don't want to start running I come here and I run and I watch and I see lots of people that make me smile.

Kids riding bikes wearing hockey helmets, football helmets, baseball helmets...usually anything but an actual bike helmet.

A grandpa texting while biking.

Someone perching on the side of the river fishing.

A group of people from the Indy Blind School going for a walk.

A mom playing catch with her son.

Sooooooo many people with their dogs.

Whole families out for a bike ride or walk together.

A girlfriend scootering and a boyfriend biking.

This old woman that I've seen three times now. She wears this weird hat thing under her bike helmet to block the wind. She has the best posture of any biker on the Monon.

Top 2 Moments Ever:
Seeing this mom roller blading super fast while pushing a stroller that had a small child and a large dog inside.

Getting 1/2 mile from finishing and seeing a roller blading girl and longboarding boy in the distance...realizing that it was two of my favorite YL kids...and getting to stop and talk to these friends. Wonderful surprise.

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