Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ima lead, Ima lead

Ten Favorite Overlaps of the Day
1. I dreamt of camp and then woke up at camp
2. Meeting my team of 12 RYLA kids and learning the "outstanding" cheer

3. Dancing and Singing "respect" with everyone during the 1st session
4. Hanging out with camp people all day and not being distracted by computers or phones
5. Playing Family Feud and eating a blizzard with Ben Hulin
6. Seeing my team finally complete Whale Watch as the rain started (and no one complained about the rain!)

7. Making a music video to Ima Be and changing all the words to leadership
8. Seeing the kids perform their skit and being so proud (especially of Alyssa acting like a tetherball pole)
9. Watching the 11 skits and videos from the stage coach, yes a stage coach, with Eric and Jordan
10. Playing catch phrase and laughing hysterically

As I'm writing this a group of girls are talking before going to bed and one girl just said, "He was so black he was purple...he was almost green!"

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