Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Families, whip cream, and peace

You know how when you are a kid and you see your teacher out in public you're super weirded out? This year I realized that as a teacher when I see my students out in public I'm super weirded out.
But today I ran into one of my students after school and it wasn't weird at all. She is one of those kids that make me so happy I'm a teacher. She comes to class ready to learn, she's nice to other students, she asks questions if she needs help but tries her best first, and she is just so precious. I loved meeting her mom, brother and sister. I was able to tell her mom how great she is and was able to see how proud this mom is of her daughter.

Tonight was the last YL club of the year. (Thankfully Campaigners will continue.)
We went out with a bang and had a pretty epic food fight. Kids were hurling applesauce, spraying whip cream, flinging shaving cream, squeezing chocolate syrup, throwing scoops of freezing-your-hand-cold-ice-cream, and spreading flour and fruit loops on top of it all. In case you didn't know- chocolate syrup dries and gets sticky really fast. Whip cream starts to smell like vom. Ice-cream really can freeze your fingers (as I'm typing this two of my fingers are still in pain). But it was all worth it.

My favorite part of the night was hearing two seniors share about favorite YL memories, what their relationship with God is like, and who they want to be in college. The part that stuck with me was when the girl was telling us how she feels at peace. Christ has told her who she is and it has changed everything and given her peace this year. I love that. I want to have peace like that.

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