Friday, April 30, 2010


Today was SO great. And I believe that if you believe your day is going to be great then it will be greater.

This morning I found out that I'm going to live with not one, but two, and possibly three great friends next year! A month ago I had no idea that this could even be a possibility. I'm so thrilled that my life could overlap with these people every day instead of just a couple hours a week. God is so good.

Then, this afternoon one of my Young Life girls Allison came and visited me at school. She sat in on my Composition classes. My students tried to convince Allison that she should pick their rule change. We talked about advertisements and created ones for our newspaper. I loved getting to show Al this part of my life and seeing my kids from a different perspective.

Tonight we had the last Wyld Life club of the year. HS kids are the leaders for middle schoolers and it is so fun to see all of them together. We gathered 191 people tonight at the park- record number for sure. This little girl motivated our team "AWESOME SUPER NINJAS!" to be incredible. It was just the pump up we needed.

The Super Awesome Ninjas went on to win EVERY single game of the night- the beach ball race, cheering, shaving cream and squirt guns, bucket on feet, and spirit in general.

We had a food war.
Dance-partied covered in disgusting-greatness.
Swam in a puddle.
Sang "World's Greatest" on some picnic tables.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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