Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have more fun.

I'm reading a book called, "The Happiness Project" and this morning's chapter was about how the woman conducting this year-long project introduced "have more fun" into her life. She wanted to focus on play and just being silly.

I was inspired and decided to do something about it. It's currently Istep week at my school and I only have three boys in my classroom. After finishing their tests instead of telling them to get out a book to read silently I said, "Boys, we have 15 minutes left before the bell rings. Let's do something really fun!"

Then this most precious boy got this look on his face where his eyes get really wide and his mouth kind of squinches up and he said, "Wellll. We could make some friendship necklaces!" And I really wish that you could hear him say because you've just got to hear his voice to get the full effect of his awesomeness.

So of course I said, "Yes we could make those! I have some string!" I went to the cabinet and got string and cardboard and paper and markers and glue and paint squares and cups and markers. The four of us sat down at the work table to have some fun.

We made some crazy sculptures. One was "for the king"--I'm still not sure who the king is. And the precious boy made his friendship necklace with blue string and pieces of paper like jewels spelling out his name. He was so proud of it and he walked out of my room and down the hall wearing it proudly.

It takes courage to do that in Junior High. Those are the brave kids-- the kids who dare to walk down the hallway wearing a friendship necklace and not care what anyone thinks--and they are the experts at having fun.

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