Sunday, April 25, 2010

When I Grow Up

The last speaker at RYLA today was a mime named Reed Steel. "Mime" often has a really weird conontation but Reed is so entertaining and hilarious. I remember going and watching his show at RYLA every Spring as a little girl. I loved seeing him do skits and magic tricks and hear his stories that never failed to entertain. I remember one year he took me aside and taught me to do the card and rope tricks- I couldn't believe he had revealed his secrets to me!

In the past couple years he has started playing a song he wrote about his dream as a child to become an astronaut and the heroes that shaped his past. He watched John Glenn in space and knew that he wanted to go there someday. So he is working on his Space and Science degrees (he already has an insane amount) and continues to apply to NASA. He works at a Challenger learning center where kids come do space simulations where they learn not only about space but about teamwork and problem solving. He is making his childhood dream a reality.

Maybe Reed will one day go into space. Even if that doesn't happen he is inspiring me and so many other people to never give up on our dreams. As we allow ourselves to shoot for the stars (cliche yes, but literal for Reed) we will become heros for someone else.

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