Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sew FUN!

I love connections and relationships and friendships and conversations. From Young Life to my junior high to camp to home to Hope College I see the people that make up my life. I want to live a life in community with people- people from different backgrounds, of different ages, with different perspectives, and people that love life and make the world a greater place.

I want to document conversations and events- serious, hilarious, insane, random, challenging and encouraging. I want to be intentional about caring about people in my life whether we're a hand-written letter, a cabin, a phone call, a classroom, or short drive apart.

Current overlap: This weekend I came home with my friend Sarah to teach her to quilt-one of her goals for life. We started early in the morning and quilted into the night with my mom and friend Grace.
Top 6 Favorite Parts of the Day
1. Watching Mom teach and cheering on Sarah
2. I always thought my parents were originally going to name me Jamie- I was wrong. Mom wanted to name me Christy. I just found out today and we died laughing realizing I had been believing and telling people for years that I was supposed to be a Jamie.
3. Taking Sarah on a tour of Camp T
4. Singing Glee's new "Give You Hell" and JJ's "I Will Sing" on repeat
5. Eating our cinnamon rolls, and sandwiches, and pizza, and brownies, and Diet Coke...
6. THE FINISHED QUILT and Sarah being SO excited because it was SEW fun!

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