Friday, April 23, 2010

I feel home

My friend Sarah really loves the O.A.R. song "I feel home". If you don't know it go download it-totally worth the $1. It basically says I feel home when I'm with the people I love. Today I get to live that.

Today after school I got to drive home to camp to be a counselor for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). I went to this leadership camp when I was in High School and now I get to come back every Spring to lead leadership activities, meet these great kids, listen to speakers, have fun with some m&m magic, play ninja and whatever else the weekend holds.

I feel home. Yes, my literal home is down the road, but it's the people, the other counselors here, that make me feel home. I was so excited to see Amy when I walked in and can't wait to hang out with her all weekend. Jordan can always make me laugh and he is the best listener and tells the funniest stories. Sara gave me the best hug when she got here. She is always so honest and so kind. I feel like Eric and I are still counselors together and I love when we get to hang out and play camp games and come up with great ideas. I've known Jenny only a total of maybe 6 hours and I feel like we totally just get each other. This is family. This is home.

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