Monday, April 19, 2010

I love Mondays

I look forward to Mondays. Every week I get to meet with the other leaders of my Young Life team for dinner and fellowship and planning for two hours. These are some of the greatest people I know and I love living life with them and having assigned seats with Sarah and having David say "Shore, Shore" and hearing Tom's really animated stories and knowing that Alex will be late but that he will be there. I love that we all come together because we love God and we love High School kids and YL allows us to bring the two together.

On Mondays I also get to go to Campaigners and see the Young LIfe kids. I prayed for years (really, years) that God would allow me to find kids to connect with and God has gone above and beyond this year. At least every Monday, if not again during the week, my life overlaps with these kids. Tonight we talked about things we're thankful for and things that stress us out and made funny little snow outfits out of hershey kiss wrappers and saw new bruises from rugby and talked about what it will be like leaving for college and discussed baby names for quite some time. It was perfect.

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