Friday, January 20, 2012

ADD Friday

Not sure why this a brotip but I think it's true for everyone.

Top 10 Things I Miss About Camp Today:
1. Watching clinics perform at closing campfire
2. Friday night trading post because every resident and day camp counselor is there
3. Talks on the way to the lake and singing on the way back
4. Dodgeball with the CILT counselors almost every afternoon
5. Getting emails and letters from campers after they go home
6. Hanging out in the Longhouse before devotions
7. Getting to know kids better on stay over weekends
8. My camp wardrobe and camp hair
9. Getting and giving hugs all the time
10. My biggest worry is getting Parent Letters written in time

Molls and I got dinner at Zoups for the first time tonight. After trying multiple sample I settled on Chicken Tortilla soup and Molls picked Chicken Pot Pie soup (Macaroni and Cheese soup and Cheeseburger Royale couldn't win us over).

 Top 10 Things I Look Forward To Every Year
1. The first day of summer camp
2. National Friendship Bracelet Club Day
3. YL Service Weekend
4. Annual Winter CILT Reunion
5. Mother Daughter Christmas Quilt Camp
6. Seeing friends at Hope when I go back for SIB new member events
7. Reunion weekends with Rachel, Emily and Lily
8. Touchstone dance party during staff training
9. YL Leader weekend
10. Week 6... it's just always a great week

Camp Tecumseh blast from the past:

Emily Campbell, Stacey Leeds, Carolyn Kata, Molly Gigax and Arielle Brosman

Catie O'Hara and I before lunch, Carmel moms for Wacky Wednesday with Kata and DeLong

Kendall and Molly Brunner, Margaret Connelly, Carolyn Kata, Mary Brody, Livvie Murino

Maddie Buel and Sarah Mooney (left)
Nora, Amber, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, Becca, Livvie, Jackie (right)

Amber, Adrienne, Alli, Sarah, Nora, Mary, Jackie, Julia

If you could live in a TV series what would it be?

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  1. Please tell me that BBears book is real. If yes, I'm buying it for Lincoln.