Monday, January 30, 2012

"Do we have 24 friends though?" "Oh yeah, definitely. We might have to get more!"

Today we started a week long writing project in English Comp by drawing maps of our imaginary islands. Welcome to Young Life Island.

Holy cow it was sixty degrees today. As soon as I got home, Molls and I headed back outside to enjoy the sunlight on the Monon. It was just so glorious out I forgot that it was still January and convinced myself that it was the start of summer. Wishful thinking.

One of our bucket list items is to make at least three crafts. We explored Michael's looking for inspiration and stumbled upon some great ideas. We'll keep you posted on all of our artistic endeavors. It could be anything!

After weeks of being apart all of the Young Life leaders gathered for the the first leadership of the semester at Carrie's apartment.

Sometimes I forget how many of us there are. It was just so fun to laugh and eat dinner together, to welcome new friends into the group, to read about the story of God calming the storm, and talk about what is to come.

Campaigners began with a set of worship songs we've come to love. It's seriously the best to worship with these kids. To hear all of our voices intertwine, to sing these words of truth together as they're lifted up in prayer, to be connected to Christ without distraction.

Upstairs we talked about how worship is so much more than just singing songs. But biblical worship is this, "Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name." Psalms 29:21

Since we are created by God everything we do is a sub-creation of the creator that we can use to give glory to Him. Your actions can be an offering.

If the Lord has blessed each of us with different gifts that make us unique and that are meant to be used for his glory, then we've got to figure out what they are. What are your talents? Where have you been gifted?

We each shared one of our gifts that we want to make sure we're using this week to worship God. What if these were the names we identified ourselves with? Maybe a little odd, but really really cool.

Tony did a great job of writing our Campaigners sheet and wrapped it up, "Never shy away from the Gifts the Lord has give you; but never forget that He has given them to you in order that you will worship and honor Him in all that you do. They are not your own. You belong to the Lord."

How can you worship with your talents this week?

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