Sunday, January 15, 2012


We returned to Indy from the CILT reunion Sunday afternoon but instead of going home I moved into the Kenney house. While their parents are on a trip this week I'll be staying with Alli, Emily and Michael. I'm excited to get to hang out with Alli for an extended amount of time, get to know her brother and sister, fit lots of fun things into our regular schedule and do the mix of driving/cooking/picking up.

We hosted Chick Flick Sunday at the Kenney house this week. We were so excited that Annie, Maggie and Mary Claire were all still in town because of the three-day weekend and could come over with Molly and Colleen. I was telling Sarah Briggs about the plan earlier in the day and she laughed, "That's so many of your favorite High School girls."

We all squeezed on the couch together and convinced Emily to take some pictures of our group of friends--not wanting to miss the chance to document this collection of people we love so much. My friend Ruthie used to read this passage during Rush about the bond that girl friends share. When they gather together, inevitably someone will start scratching someone else's back and someone will start playing with someone's hair. These friends are comfortable with with each other.

We watched "Made of Honor"-- a classic story of boy and girl are best friends, girl meets new boy and gets engaged, first boy realizes he actually loves the girl and has to get her back. We laughed, we shouted out predictions, we sang along to the soundtrack, and we soaked up getting to do something so... normal together.

This weekend was three days of living life together. Three days of not stressing about school or getting to work or running errands or going to bed early enough. Three days of real connections and heart to hearts and taking care of each other and praying together and acting like the best version of ourselves and living each day well.

Of course we can't have days like this all the time. We've got to go home, go to work, go to school, do homework, do laundry and all the little things that make up a normal. But getting to slip into this life all weekend long was so special. I'm so thankful that these girls and their prayers and questions and hopes and stories and events have become such a central part of my life. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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