Thursday, January 12, 2012


My new students this semester are already great. Different than the beginning of the year, they come in with preconceived notions about this class because of what their friends have said. I know of them because of their friends or older siblings or hopefully recognize faces from seeing them pass in the hall. This week as I try to learn names and start building relationships, I realize I'm so excited for these next few months.

I love theme days. Today I saw multiple 7th grade girls dressed up as superheroes with shorts over leggings and capes hanging behind them. These girls ran and skipped down the hallway so their capes would fly behind them. In the words of Kelle Hampton, "Let your freak flag fly," and don't worry about what others may think.

The girls of the FBC are precious. Today we only had about 20 girls come and I love when it's a smaller group. They get so excited about playing the human ladder game in the hall. Writing all over my white board with a rainbow of markers is a huge deal for them. When I ask the 8th grade girls to help new people learn the hardcore or three braid they jump in and do it without hesitation. I get to sit with girls like Sarah, Sophie, Malayna and Maddy as they figure out how to make friendship bracelet headphones and we talk about life. Watching girls that were once shy make friends within this club and run around laughing is a beautiful thing.

Being a part of this school and this community has taken time but is something I'm so thankful for. Tonight I went to watch the 8th grade girls basketball game. I jumped into this job a couple years ago totally clueless but now I know these kids--the ones playing on the floor, the girls waiting to play the B game, cheerleaders on the sideline, kids in the student section and working the concession stand. Parents recognize me as a teacher or the one who does FBC or the person that helps with Bible study and they stop to talk to me. Sometimes I still feel like such a brand-new teacher that's still figuring everything out but tonight I felt like I'm doing just fine.

I met with Jon and a group of women from Fishers tonight to talk more about the possibility of starting Young Life in Fishers. It is incredible how God has his hand in this process--so much of the excitement, early conversations, and groups of people ready for this are because of his perfect plan. I'm so excited about what could happen here with these kids.

My roommates Colleen and Emel are hilarious. I'm so thankful for conversations in the hall before bed, for their unique personalities, that they care about stories of my students and they want to know more.

Prayers from my friends. It is a blessing to know that I have people that are eager and willing to pray for me whenever I ask. Their support gives me strength.

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