Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Today Was A Good One

1. I covered a math class today and got to do board work with all of the kids because the student teacher was doing the actual teaching. I forgot how fun it is to do problems on dry erase boards... and I forgot how difficult negative exponents can be.

2. I just love when kids are friendly; when they say Hi back to you in the hallway with a big smile on their face, when they say Hi first, or when they stop to have a quick talk on their way to class. I got to talk with Haleigh, Jack and Libby after school for awhile about bible study and Young Life and I loved it.

3. During SLT Abby, Grace and I worked on finding things in a puzzle tube thing that's really hard to explain but it was just so fun and we got so excited about finding the dove and popcorn kernel.

4. Alli and I met up for Diet Coke and fries after school because we already missed each other. We visited the Container Store because Alli hadn't been their yet and she found a perfect container for all her markers during the summer (it's only a few months away--we've got to start getting ready).

5. While we were sitting at 5 guys one of my students from two years ago walked by outside and we both did a double take at each other. Then I was so impressed when he walked in to say hi and talk to us. He was so precious when he was in my class my first year and I was glad to see he is still so sweet and kind.

6. Some leaders ate dinner together before Campaigners--we haven't started back with Leadership yet so our time together has been sparse for awhile. It was good to just talk and fight about cupcakes v. tarts and make negative top 10 lists and tell stories before all of our kids arrived.

7. I really love these girls and that I get the chance to be a part of their lives. I love that they choose to come to Campaigners every week to sing and to talk about how God is part of our lives and to pray together. I love when we're all honest with each other and really listen.

8. We learned a new song from Tyler tonight and when we finished singing we convinced him to play just one more. Sometimes I wish we could just keep singing the whole night.

9. A CILT shared a poem called "Letter to an Old Camper" by Mary S. Edger that her grandma gave her. I love it. Here's part of it:

You may find yourself grown wealthy,
Have all that gold can buy,
But you'd toss aside a fortune
For days neath an open sky
With sunlight on the water
And white clouds sailing high.

For once you have been a camper
Then something has come to stay
Deep in your heart forever
Which nothing can take away.
And heaven can only be heaven
With a camp in which to play.

10. I got to Skype with Mags at the end of the day right when everything was winding down. She is just so great and I'm so thankful for her. I love that we talk about our days. She reads me her new favorite quotes from Shauna and sings "The Words I Would Say" with me and says, "Oh Sar, don't you miss me? I just miss you." 

Students, Young Life girls and campers all in the same day-- big day.

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  1. What a fun day! 1, 2, and 5 were my favorites :) Also, do you go to Pinkberry? Is that like Huddles? It was in my Parenting magazine!