Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Weekend Ever Part 1

Grace was singing Carrie Underwood during SLT on Thursday. We decided that perhaps rather than distracting everyone with her singing she should do a presentation with visuals, a powerpoint and poster. I was joking. She was serious.

Friday morning Grace burst into my room with a rolled up poster so excited that she had really done it. At the end of the day she stood up in front of everyone and gave a 5 minute presentation about her favorite singer for the fun of it. She wasn't getting a grade or any credit at all. She held their attention and made us laugh--this creative initiative is one of the many reasons why I love this girl.

Tomorrow is a CILT reunion at camp but friends gathered early tonight.

Maggie and Mary Claire came early from Peoria and Molls and Emily Chandler met us for dinner. One of MC's old cabinmates was working and was in shock when she realized they had been in a cabin together.

I taught them a word association game I learned a couple weeks ago and we couldn't stop playing it the rest of the night.

To finish off the food tour of Carmel we headed up to Orange Leaf and met up with Alli Kenney. Mags also recognized one of her campers from Shoshone while we were there and the girl screamed and almost started crying she was in such disbelief.

Our last camp surprise of the night was a visit from Olivia Odle who hopped on over to say hello. She's a gem. So much more fun to come this weekend.

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