Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"I just really love this. Just some friends, eating lunch, on a rainy day."

Today I loved getting to eat lunch with two groups of girls, play a game to learn about hooks during class, show my students OkGo videos and write with my classes. Some days being a teacher is so fun.

Tonight we all went to Mellow Mushroom for a family dinner plus Kristina and me. We told stories, answered a meal question and devoured our food.

Back at home Alli and I continued our craft.

Tape on letters to the board and make marks about an inch apart.

Tap a nail onto each mark so that when you pull off the paper it will leave an indentation.

Hammer a nail into each hole.

This part is taking a lot longer than we anticipated... we need to go buy seven more boxes of nails tomorrow for both of our projects.

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