Thursday, January 26, 2012

"I'm just in such a better mood after talking to you."

Don't you just love how some people can change your whole perspective?

I was so tired at school today and when Mikaela said, "Miss Wright don't you just want to be a hermit crab with me? Curl up in your shell and just sit there in the dark?" I thought it was a pretty good plan. Nothing really horrible happened, it had just been one of those days where you're just getting through and counting down the hours to the weekend. I wanted to go home and take a nap but I had FBC after school and had to wrangle pre-teens for another hour.

And what do you know, I'm sitting there playing Indian Chief when I look around the circle and see that every girl has a huge smile on her face. They're laughing and trying to trick the person in the middle and everyone wants a turn and all of sudden I didn't want to just be a hermit crab anymore. It was like a switch had been flipped and I got to be the camp counselor version of Miss Wright for an hour.

Three new 7th grade girls came for the first time today so I sat with them and a couple of the regulars to untangle their knots and show them what to do next. We talked about birthday cake flavors, taught Simi to say nice things about people and sang TSwift together. These girls are precious and I love that in FBC they are friends with people they might normally just walk by in the hallway. FBC changed my perspective.

Annie Fazzio is a gem.

While we're in constant angst that she doesn't live in Indy, we're very thankful that we can still be such a consistent part of each other's lives. I realize I talk about how much I love Skype a lot but seriously it's one of my favorite inventions of the twenty-first century. Annie and I basically got to hang out today while I folded laundry and cleaned my room and we worked on friendship bracelets all while we were over 100 miles apart. Getting to share in those little everyday moments with people is my favorite. That hour made my day so much better and Annie Fazzio changed my perspective.

Rachel, Emily and I cooked dinner together tonight. Spending a night at their house is one of my favorite weekly routines. Really honest, vulnerable friendships like this may be hard to find but are the very best kind. I'm normally not the type to engage in conversations about really controversial topics, but tonight we jumped into the deep end  of  opinions and I found that we agree on so many things and that we care about listening what the other people have to say. They give me hope by reminding me that it's all going to end up okay. And even if it doesn't, they're going to have my back. Rachel and Emily changed my perspective.

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