Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Miss Wright, I told my mom that I really admire you because you're a teacher but you still have a lot of friends."

5 things that made me happy today: Wolf shirt Wednesday twin day, eating Chipotle with Alli Kenney, collaging with great friends, starting every class with a quick game and realizing I have really fun students, the anticipation and planning for the reunion this weekend at camp.

5 things Sara Westfall loves: Macaroni and cheese, Rob (her husband), Hank (her dog), sunshine, playing sports

5 things Emily loves: summer at the pool, driving with the windows down, singing loudly, laughing with Eric, crafting with my friends

5 things Rachel loves: laughing with my students, anything to do with Christmas, singing at chapel at camp, J. Crew, walks outside

5 things I love: devotions at camp, when people give you something they've made, pizza and Diet Coke, intentional heart to heart conversations, reuniting with people I love and just thinking, "My life is so much better with you in it."

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