Sunday, January 22, 2012

"It's the action of responding that is empowering"

On Friday in Kelle Hampton's post I read these words and they stuck with me, rattling around my head, "I used to think emotional "funks" would just ride out on their own--grab a board, ride the wave. I find more comfort now though in the truth they hold. Funks aren't the cause of emotions; they are the effect--messages to which we need to listen and respond.Whether our response is monumental or something as simple as rearranging a living room or cleaning out a toy bin, it's the action of responding that is empowering--funk-erasing." -Kelle Hampton

It was a new idea for me, I suppose, to think you can get rid of your funk. I'm all about choosing to be positive and choosing joy but sometimes we just have a rut. Well this morning I woke up feeling like I was in a funk, not quite sure why but like it or not there it was. Kelle's words were still in my head and I decided to respond and erase the funk.

So I set out to do the things I knew could make a difference.

I went to get coffee because it reminds me of sitting in JPs in college. I love the busyness and the people watching. I got to focus on just writing-- sometimes I forget how much I love to do that.

I went to Common Ground. Usually I go with friends or find people when I get there but this Sunday it was just me. And that was okay. There were more of these days when I'd wake up to go in college or when I first moved to Indy. I like that on days like this it's just me and God. They played some of my favorite songs this morning and I wrote things down the whole time the pastor was talking and it was good to connect and be there without distraction.

I called up Maddie Mahoney and we made art. We started with just some paper and bubble wrap.

But after painting and layering and experimenting...

We made art! These are post card size so I could eventually mail them or write on them and put them up like art.

Then we each have a larger set. I'm not sure what we'll do with them yet but they're just so happy and the process was so fun.

I really liked getting to hang out with Maddie today. She likes me even though she can't believe I don't really like Winter or the cold or animals or Elf or chocolate. Maddie is always up for anything like a cookie from Insomnia or watching another episode of One Tree Hill. We also have some very exciting plans for later this week...

I wrote a letter to a friend, burned some CDs for a care package, uploaded camp pics to facebook and journaled-- all more ways to erase the funk.

Emel, Molls and I watched a chick flick seeing as how it's Chick Flick Sunday. By the time the happy ending rolled around (where the guy and girl end up together in the middle of a flash mob) the funk was obsolete. Success.

I'm ready to take on another week. May it be filled with great moments of hope, patience, inspiration, reaching out of our own little worlds, healing and joy.

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  1. Love this focus on optimism. Did you know there is a type of therapy that treats depression simply by having patients change their behavior? This reminds me of that.