Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Do you know what kills me? I'm wearing jeans from Justice."

Things I Loved Today:

This afternoon one of my students wore one of those lanyard necklaces that you buy at Disney World and cover with at least 30 metal pins of all the characters- she rocked it.

Two new kids wore wolf shirts today. Also, I started 10 minute write by saying, "Something BIG is going on in the world today," and in almost every class a kid shouted out, "WOLF SHIRT WEDNESDAY?!" I was actually talking about the Wikipedia blackout but WSW works too.

Two girls wrote "Top 20 Things I'm Thankful For Today" with me during SLT. They are precious and totally know what's important in life and they're only 8th grade.

I made progress with the art project of the week while watching two of my favorite shows on Hulu.

Mags talked to me while I was playing soccer mom and going back and forth picking up the kids today. She convinced me to stop and get a McFlurry while I was stalling for time. She has great ideas.

Sarah Briggs is all the way in Florida and Kraft is in Alabama but I got to talk to both of them for a bit today and it was really great. I miss the days when I saw both of them all the time.

We're sitting at the kitchen table, she's working on a PowerPoint for school and I'm thinking I just love living with Alli Kenney. She is so consistent, thoughtful, patient, mature and fun. And she brought me bread sticks from Pizzology when she came home from work!

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  1. Ok... but you didn't tell me who was wearing jeans from Justice. Please don't say you!