Sunday, January 8, 2012

But I don't have anything to blog about...

Wednesday night I went to sleep anxious and excited to meet my new 139 students the next day. My classroom was ready with handouts copied, posters hung, bulletin boards prepared and lesson plans full of first day get-to-know-you activities.

Then I woke up between Wednesday night and Thursday morning with the stomach flu. It always comes in the middle of the night doesn't it? I don't think I've thrown up since getting horribly, awful sick in the middle of the Serengeti during college when I was cooped up for two days praying I wouldn't have to be helicoptered out to a hospital. Luckily, no helicopters or hospitals were needed this time either but I did have to miss the first day of school. Being sick is no pretty sight.

I was lucky enough to have Colleen brave the plague when she came to bring me feel-better incentives like saltine crackers, ginger ale and ice. She says her mom taught her how to take care of people when they're sick and Mrs. Kelley did a magnificent job. Next best thing to having my own mom here, Coll did whatever she could to make me feel better and didn't make fun of the odd things I said while I obviously wasn't totally with it. Moll came over to make sure I was still alive later in the day and brought with her the glorious gift that never stops giving-- Netflix. I didn't manage to stay awake for many hours in a row that day but remember stories from Cold Tangerines and quick visit from Rachel and Emily.

I like to think that I'm invincible sometimes, even though clearly I am not, and refuse to be taken down by mono, bronchitis or the measly stomach flu. So Friday morning I got up, forced myself to get ready for the day and drove the half hour to school. As soon as I had left my apartment door I knew I had made a horrible mistake and was fearful I was going to get sick once again as I drove north on highway 69.

On my way to my classroom to type up sub plans for another day, I stopped in to ask our sub coordinator to find me another replacement for the day. She smiled at me and said, "Sure honey," with a look on her face that told me the right place for me was back home in bed. Luckily, a sub arrived by the time the bell rang and students were walking to their lockers. I gave him the run-down of the days itinerary and then waved good-bye to the four mysterious students that were already seated in my classroom, "Uh... Hi guys--I'm your teacher... See you Monday."

The rest of the weekend has been a steady stream of sleep, naps, movies online, and resting. The best interruptions to the recovery plan of uninterrupted sleep were Krafty's good-bye party, being kidnapped to the Kelley house, lounging on the girl's couch, going to Common Ground this morning and running errands with Emel. My appetite is slowly coming back (and if you know me at all, you know that having an appetite is never a struggle for me) and after giving up Diet Coke for three days I had a couple sips today.

So once again I'm gearing up for the first day of school. I'm anxious and excited to meet my new 139 students tomorrow. My classroom is ready with handouts copied, posters hung, bulletin boards and lesson plans for third day of school activities.

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