Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"So... the Patriots and the Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl right?"

Just in case you've missed the hype, the Super Bowl is coming up. Indianapolis is currently going football crazy and Molls and I wanted to soak up some of the excitement. After school we headed downtown to Super Bowl City. We took our picture by the giant XLVI like the other thousand people were doing.

We really wanted to go on the zip-line, we were even prepared to wait in line for hours, but all the tickets for the day were gone by the time we arrived. But even just watching people zip overhead was so cool and everyone stood on the sidewalk with their heads turned toward the sky watching the action.

There was a Rugby scrimmage, food vendors, Comedy Sports, people playing bags, a clown passing out balloon animals, and huge banners enveloping every building. And perhaps if I really loved sports, or football more specifically, then I would think was the best thing ever.

But the very best part was easily these kids having the time of their lives. They figured out that if they stood above these vents and held out their coats, scarves, and sweatshirts they would fly straight up on the wind. The kids were giggling, huge smiles on their faces, and a crowd of people stood watching them play. Who knew watching your jacket fly up in the air would be so fun?

Today I'm so thankful for Junior High kids that make my day, getting to hang out and laugh with Molly, lettuce chicken wraps for dinner, a friend calling with great news and watching favorite TV shows on the couch.

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