Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lincoln's First Spring Break Has Begun!

Friday morning I got picked up by Katie, Nick and baby Lincoln. We threw my stuff into the van and were on the road to Orlando, FL.

The most entertaining, most precious and most photogenic awards all go to Linc for the ride South.

We drove all day long, stopped for some Cracker Barrel dinner like our parents trained us to do, took turns sleeping and driving (well, Nick did almost all the driving) through the night, and ended up at Westgate by 7am. We were very glad to have finally made it.

Just in case you were concerned we wouldn't document everything, this week will be full of plenty of pictures of this little duder.

We couldn't check-in until late afternoon so we did a cruise through Celebration (think Pleasantville Disney style), Nick and I ran through Downtown Disney, took Linc on a walk, ate lunch at the House of Blues and sat in the car reading books.

Finally we moved in and headed to the pool for Linc's first swim.

He LOVED it.

The water was a bit cold because of the rain so we had to cut playtime short to head to the grocery.

Highlights of our first night included pepperoni pizza, the KU victory, more books and a sisterly battle of Bananagrams. We're good at Spring Break.


  1. Two things: 1) well played with cracker barrel, I knew I liked the Wright family for a reason. 2) Don't worry about building up Linc's aerobic base this early in his career. Focus on technique and kicking. I'm available if he needs any pointers in the pool.