Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here we go- Spring Break 2k14

We made it through the week ladies and gentlemen. The teachers survived and the kids didn't go completely insane. I think they may have been watching movies in half their classes today but I'm sure they were all educational. It was Spring Break day and the halls were filled with Hawaiian shirts, flower necklaces and tie dye shirts. By 7th period we were counting down the minutes until our adventures would begin.

I've been reading "Sure Signs of Crazy" this week which I feel okay about but I loved a couple of quotes from it,

Before I know it, I'm asking her, "If you had a daughter, what would you tell her?" Mrs. Dupree smiles. "Oh, let me think," she says. "Well I would say that every time you buy a new blouse or some wrinkle cream to make you look good, go and buy a book right away. It's just as important to keep your mind beautiful, don't you think?"

"There's my best friend, right there," she said, "Every day when he left the house, he'd shout to me, "Thanks for saying yes, hon."

I collect bits of conversation about Mr. Dupree. If I add everything together, it all amounts to one thing: When you hear how people talk about a man after he's dead, you want to live an interesting life, give them a reason to say, "I miss that person."

This afternoon I drove up to Chicago to meet up with my friends Sarah and Ben. We went to dinner at Giordanos for pizza because it's our mutual love. I was just with them at Mary Ellen's last weekend and am pumped that we're back together again so soon. Tomorrow morning Sar and I depart on our grand Texan Adventure and we can't wait to see how this trip will play out.

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