Sunday, March 2, 2014

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Saturday morning Audrey's basketball team played their last game of the regular season. I've never watched a game of kids this young and it was definitely entertaining. They dribbled and ran and shot and passed all over the court. Audrey's team lost but they had fun and played hard.
Just watching the parents around me encourage or instruct their kids made me think about the impact they were having without even realizing it. Winning is important but when you take a step back and look at the big picture, maybe a 4th grade basketball game isn't as intense as some people would lead you to believe. Audrey smiled the whole time and kept working hard with her teammates--she should be proud of herself.

Ellie's friends were still asleep when we got home but we woke them up to go to a late breakfast at the Arbor Grill. They devoured pancakes and bacon and hash browns and eggs. I love the peace of Saturday morning when you have the whole day ahead of you and very little that you need to get done. Grace, Kate and Ashley are great and I can't wait to get to know them better this summer.

Saturday night it was just Audrey and I at home most of the night. We watched the old Disney movie The Color of Friendship, her favorite show Liv and Maddie, made paper chains out of old books and ate ice cream sundaes. This girl is precious and she worked diligently on her tornado bracelet while I worked on my latest bracelet beside her.

Sunday morning Audrey and I picked up Ellie before church at Northview. We sat in the row beside KCraig and her family. The girls had never been to church there before but both loved that they recognized songs from camp and that the sermon about Kindness was so applicable to our lives.

We picked up Henry before lunch at El Rodeo and the girls told him about church. "I think we should definitely have mom and dad take us there," they said. I would love to see their whole family back at church. The weekly routine is such an important part of my life as I'm spiritually fed and I get to connect with Christ differently there than anywhere else in my week.

The girls crafted this afternoon. Ellie persevered through the hunt for a hot glue gun and finally made her melted crayon masterpiece. It looks awesome and she's so proud.

Audrey and I did chores, worked on bracelets, watched NetFlix and made blueberry muffins in the cake pop maker. Muffins should always be made this way--they were delicious and we couldn't stop eating the bite sized treats.

I ended up heading back home right before the Oscars began. Their parents are back from Costa Rica and the kids and I had an awesome week hanging out together. I'm even more of a fan of the three Fitzgerald kids after the past few days.

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