Sunday, March 16, 2014

"You all must have the same genetics."

I love Friday mornings with these girls. We talked about all the #nationalfbcday capers that went on yesterday, guessed who would win the contest and a few of them tried to get me to come with them to the Divergent premier next week. We've finished Love Does now and need to figure out what we'll be reading together the rest of the school year.

Friday night we tried something new-- a YL sleepover in the Devoe's gym where we normally meet for Campaigners and Club. We invited freshmen girls to come over to play games, eat snacks, have a dance party and do cabin time.


It's rare that we get to see all our freshmen girls at once any more. It certainly was easier when they were in 8th grade with fewer practices, less homework and they all went to the same school. But it's worth putting in the effort to get together because it's always a good time.

Tonight Anne, Genna,  Sam, Kaelyn, Molly, Alana, Julia, Maddy, Brooke, Abby and Alli Sams all came to hang out with KCraig, Hannah, Jackie and me. We played on all the toys in the basement, devoured piles of food, told our highs and lows and danced to Alana and Brooke's greatest hits.

We had a cabin time together at the end of the night and talked about the importance of questions and thought about the things we would ask God if we had the chance. It was so good to talk about these kinds of things again. I wish we all had time for this every week.

I had breakfast with Hannah on Saturday morning before we headed our separate ways. Our talks are always one of my favorite things. Her investment in HSE Young Life is such a blessing--she's a student at Purdue and has so many other things she could be doing but she chooses to keep showing up here.

Saturday afternoon I hung out with the Fitzgerald sisters. It was gorgeous outside so we whipped out the rip tick, scooter and the scooter swing to ride around the cul-de-sac. I'm proud to see I didn't even break a bone.

Audrey had the brilliant idea to pull out the sidewalk chalk. Ellie and I joined her and we all colored a huge collage of things that remind us of summer--the beach, bomb pops, ice-cream, tie dye, hot dogs, flip flops, sunglasses, flowers, a beach ball, a camera, a bike, a kite, lollipop and our units at camp.

We knew it would really feel like summer if we ate ice-cream so we drove down the street to Handel's for a cone and blizzards. Delicious.

HSE made it to the second round of Regionals and faced off against Homestead on Saturday night. I made the trek up to the game in Marion and met up with Julia and Olivia in the stands to cheer.

Unfortunately HSE lost in the last few seconds, but that's not what I'll remember about the game. Katy and Hope, two of my sophomore girls that I meet on Wednesdays, showed up when the stands were almost full but we had a spot for them right in front of us. Katy and Hope had never met Olivia and Julia before so I got to introduce all the girls. All four of them are incredible--the kind of kids that are so full of life and adventure and fun and kindness. They're the kind of girls that I would have wanted to be friends with in HS. All five of us talked and cheered together through the whole game. When I asked if they all wanted to hang out again sometime they all screamed, "YEAH!"

Sunday morning at Northview the sermon was all about Faithfulness, we're working through the fruit of the Spirit. I'm loving this series and always come away with a fresh perspective and ideas of things I want to use in devotions or at campaigners.

Michelle Mooney came to town Sunday night for the start of her Spring Break. She stayed with me and we met up with Joey, Lizzy, Abby and Rob for dinner in Broad Ripple. These friends were all CILTs the same summer, worked on Day Camp together and are doing new things this coming summer. It was sweet to catch up with all of them and just spend time together. I'm constantly thankful for the camp friends in my life.

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