Thursday, March 13, 2014

National FBC Day 2014!

National FBC Day might be one of my favorite holidays of the whole year. The first year that we celebrated back in 2010 there were only about 20 girls celebrating with me. Now the halls of HSJH were filled with navy FBC sweatshirts and people all across the midwest and even the country were wearing their sweatshirts with us.

Cecilia made signs to put on her friends' lockers to celebrate the day. I love the way she goes all out for things--she announced #nationalfbcday in all 7 of her classes yesterday so everyone would know in advance. She's a rock star.

I visited all three lunches today to talk with FBC kids. I asked Mr. Couch, our janitor, if we could climb on the lift for a picture and he shrugged, "Sure, I don't care." These 8th graders ran up on stage and jumped on the lift. When the Lunch Crew visited me after lunch Jake and Nick had to get a sweet pic so they rebelliously stood on my desk.

Andrew and Gavin were both lucky enough to be born on #nationfbcday and they happened to be in my room at the same time. They're awesome--both so positive, kind and fun.

After school the FBC met in the LGI room and started making bracelets right away. Isn't it convenient how #nationalfbcday always falls on a Thursday? We're in between sports right now so tons of girls got to show up.

It has become a tradition to run around outside and take pictures on this day each year. Thankfully it was warm enough to make it happen today. I love our crew of fun and creative girls this year.

After we got the big group pictures I told them to just go take fun pictures with their friends. So many different types of girls and friend groups are part of the FBC.

Erin, Courtney, Hope, Blaire and Natty B made a special guest appearance for #nationalfbcday. Erin, Courtney and Natty were three of the charter members and I have such great memories of them singing Jonas Brothers, playing Capture the Banana and eating snacks every single week. Without planning it we were wearing all five years of the FBC sweatshirts. Evolution of the FBC...


I love that pairs of sisters and friends share their FBC love. I'm glad that so many girls have gotten really into the patterns this year. They make ones I've never attempted.

I love overlapping with these girls in FBC, bible study, Wyld Life and in the classroom. They are pretty incredible and I'm so thankful for them.

Liz and I got to have a dinner date tonight. She is fantastic and I love that I've gotten to know her so much better this year.

When I saw Julia's chalk on Instagram I had to swing over to her house to see it in person. Holy cow it's awesome. Never have I ever seen such an accurate chalk bracelet drawing in my life. Hopefully it doesn't rain anytime soon.

It has become a tradition for people to post #nationalfbcday pictures on Instagram and this year I raised the stakes. I said that I would be giving a friendship bracelet to the person who posted the most fun/creative picture of the day. My Instagram was filled with posts and some people texted their pictures to me.

Notice Sophie and Audrey's Gossip Girl caption.

Kerri spent her first period teaching freshmen to make bracelets.

Lexi and Hallie say, "It's not about the bracelet, it's about the friendship."

Grace and Hope repped their sweatshirts at the High School.

Some of my favorites #nationalfbcday related texts of the day...

Maddy J started an FBC at her High School. Nick and Alexa, brother and sister, are both in the FBC.

McKenna and Taylor's pups were all about the FBC life today.

Soooo many fun posts from girls after our FBC photo shoot today.

Love this Divergent copy cat post from Audrey and Lulu, "We are kind, we are selfless, we are intelligent, we are brave, we are friendship braceleters don't try to define us."

Got some quality Snapchats.

FBC on a boat.

Grace and Kate made a friendship bracelet for their pal Neil.

"For Narnia and for FBC!" Demi and Maddy actually met and became friends in FBC when they were in Junior High.

The Mooney sisters were climbing anchors and having fun for #nationalfbcday.

Sarah decorated a flag for #nationalfbcday with her dog.

Kellie rocked her FBC in her 3rd grade class all day.

After getting her sweatshirt back from the Dean of Students, Odle friendship braceleted it up with the one and only Harry Styles and TSwift.

After much deliberation I've narrowed down the entries to my top 4 choices. We've got Julia with the chalk bracelets, Grace and Kate with the bracelet on Neil's wrist, Sarah has an FBC flag and Audrey and Lulu are friendship bracelet Divergent.


Comment below to vote for your favorite of the Top 4. I'll announce the winner on Monday!


  1. Wow, that was a fabulous, awesome, post!! Too hard to choose a winner. Julia was definitely most artistic,unique and time consuming. loved the Bracelet on Neil. That was very clever. The flag by Sarah was long lasting , and a great effort, and The Divergent post was definitely timely and captured the huge commitment to the cause!!

  2. Divergent! Crazy how big this has all grown!