Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Wait, so are you a night camp counselor?"

Some friends are really good at listening. Some friends are the people you go to when you need to vent. Some friends are clutch at a dance party. Everybody has their strength right? Then there are the friends that make you laugh. I got to hang out with the trifecta of my funniest friends tonight--Ellyn (E-L-L-Y-N), Oh la la Olivia Odle and Brookie Cookie.

Ellyn and Brooke had never met before but you never would have known. First Ellyn helped me gather Wyld Life Club supplies at Wal-Mart i.e. prune juice, prunes, tapioca pudding, fig newtons and ear plugs. Can you guess the theme? It's also worth mentioning that Ellyn's flashy new 'Merica windbreaker is a recent gift from her grandma Jarnie.

Next we met up with Odle for bogo milkshakes. These two share a common affection but had never hung out before. They both like to play it cool but they low-key love each other.

Ellyn had to go home to make jam with her dad and pizza with her mom. #classicellyn Luckily Brooker arrived in her khakis just in time to meet the infamous Ellyn. After the CAC Queen's departure, the Cathedral girls and I continued the party.

Thus far, the Odle and Broeker friendship had been confined to enthusiastic waves, "Hey!" in the halls at school and dozens of snapchats. But tonight their friendship was totally legit in real life.

Over dinner we laughed about likology, told stories, discussed camp and Cathedral and I soaked up their hilarity. You can't not have fun with people like this. Odle left to write letters for Senior retreat and I got to take Brooker home. Tonight I'm so thankful for hilarious friends like these three. They're so much more than funny and they make my life better.

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