Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"You never asked me if I was a dancer. What's up with that man?"

Top 10 Highs of the Day:

1. Getting to be upstairs all day which meant I was around all the 8th graders
2. My students are awesome
3. Reading more of "The Book Club"
4. 8th grade boy shenanigans
5. Having our last afternoon at El Rodeo with Katy P with friendship bracelets and Philippians 3
6. Taking a much needed nap
7. A letter from Carolyn ONeal and a postcard from Becca Wiebke
8. Reminiscing with Allison Stamer on her birthday
9. Dinner with the whole Devoe family at their house
10. Belated birthday cards from Haleigh and Ellie

"Friendships were easy when life was going smoothly. What was hard was to be there for your friends when life got rough and the friendship was neither easy nor fun. The challenge was to forgive the friend when she failed. She'd heard that a person should count herself blessed to have even one true friend in her life. She had four: Gabrielle, Eve, Annie and Doris." -The Book Club

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