Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Taco triangles and chocolate chip cookies!? This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!"

The Lunch Crew attacked me in the computer lab today and then formed a pyramid before heading back to class. They definitely make the middle of my day entertaining.

The Friendship Bracelet Club girls were practically bouncing off the walls this afternoon. The tables were already lined up perfectly for a relay/obstacle race of crawling and climbing and flipping.

We worked on starting new bracelets, listened to old school Hannah Montana and talked about what's going on in the 7th grade these days. It's only a week till National FBC Day!

Tonight Wyld Life hosted Recess Club-- everyone dressed up as a little kid. We had tu-tus, girl scouts, princess dresses, overalls, a unicorn, kitten shirts, pig tails, bows and scrunchies, old school jerseys and pajamas.

Getting to hang out with Jake, Lukas and Andrew is always a good time...

and these 7th grade guys are awesome too.

Elissa and Cecilia walked around saying the Girl Scout pledge all night. I'm all about, "I pledge, on my honor, to be really fun, and act like a kid."

I spy with my little eye a puppet, 4 teachers, 9 bows, a grocery cart, fake money, a monkey stuffed animal and a bicycle helmet. Can you?

I love seeing which kids show up every week, it's always exciting when they walk through the garage door. I can almost guarantee that I'm going to get to hang out with Maggie, Elise, Mia and Lulu.

Everything was about being little kids tonight so we threw it back by singing Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds and Bieber's Baby right away. The lyrics of these songs are ingrained in our heads and everyone belted out the words.

We played Pair Tag aka PB&J Tag with everyone. Running/speed walking around the gym and trying to not get tagged was entertaining.

Then the Guys (Jake, Lukas, Andrew, Tanner) and Girls (Maggie, Cecilia, Grace, Maddy) faced off in a funny race of stacking vanilla wafers on their foreheads and blowing up balloons until they popped.

We took a break for Recess in the middle of Recess Club. The kids could play 9-square on one side of the gym or jump rope on the other.

I was so glad that Kendall and Angela came tonight and that Lukas brought his special friend too.

Lily came from Riverside tonight and Logan came for the first time. It was so fun to meet them and be in their small group at the end of Club.

I love that I keep getting to know girls like Maggie better this year. She is awesome and though I miss having her in class I love seeing her at FBC or Wyld Life.

Friends started jumping rope together and showing off their tricks.

Andrew and Jake decided it helps if you hold hands while you jump.

Jackie is one of our new Young Life leaders and I'm so excited about her and her enthusiasm. She taught 6th grade at FCI last year so tonight was a reunion with a whole group of her former students. I love that she is plugged in right away.

We tried something called the Un-Banana Game that we found on the YL website. You eat a banana and then drink 7-Up right away. None of the leaders had ever seen the game before and didn't know what to expect. When we called up the boys they knew right away that they might throw it up but still wanted to play. Thankfully no one got sick but it was entertaining to watch Troy and Keegan chug 1/2 of their 7-Up before we declared a winner.

Tonight I got to give the Club Talk, which can still be intimidating even when I speak in front of kids every single day. I spoke about why God thinks there is something so special about kids. When we're little we're goofy and weird and playful and we don't worry about what others think. We give generously, we ask people if they want to be friends and we go on adventures and make up games with our friends. God says that kids are, "The Kingdom's pride and joy," and that we should all have the faith of a child.

As we grow up we start worrying about what others think and we find our identity in our accomplishments, our connections and our status. Life becomes all about us and it's easy to get sucked into culture and lose the little kid we used to be.

But I think that it's possible to grow up and take on the responsibilities of more difficult classes or college or a job and bills and somehow still be child like. Someways that I try to do this are obvious-- my friendship bracelets, pony braids on Fridays, playing at camp all summer instead of working in a cubicle. But more often being child like is your attitude and your heart. I think that God invites us to be his friend just like little kids ask to be friends with people. He wants that friendship, that relationship with us.

Tonight we got dress up like kids and I finally got to wear my overalls after months of having them put away in my dress up box. Tonight we got to sing at the top of our lungs and jump around the gym together. Tonight we got to play games and jump rope again. Tonight we got to play with our best friends and make some new ones. Tonight we got to dive in to the kind of life God has been inviting us to experience. Tonight was a really great night.


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