Monday, March 17, 2014

Highs of the Day

I subbed in an 8th grade art classroom during my prep period today. The teacher has a student teacher who has already taken over which meant I really didn't have to do anything but be there. I got to sit and talk with a table of Wyld Life girls as they worked on their clay boxes.

Tonight I got to meet Julia's friend Hannah and go to dinner with the two of them. They used to play on the same volleyball team and even though they go to different school they've stayed close friends. I love meeting new people, especially friends of friends.

Tonight HSE High School and Young Life hosted Kevin Breel, a speaker about Mental Health Awareness, When he was 16, Kevin almost took his own life. Thankfully, Kevin started asking for help instead and started conversations with his family, friends, teammates and coaches instead. Now 20-years-old, Kevin has spoken around the world and his Ted Talk video is one of the most popular. Tonight we got to hear his story and then watch a Q & A session with a panel of knowledgeable counselors, therapists and a CIT officer.

Tonight Kevin helped bridge the gap to start more conversations. It's exciting to see this become a topic that people are willing to talk about. There were YL leaders and kids in attendance along with dozens of other people--parents, teachers, families, kids and HS students. Mental Health can manifest in many different ways and staying silent about it won't help anyone--you are not alone. People want to be there to talk, just be there and help if you give them the opportunity.

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