Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Wait, these pancakes are for free?!"

You could hear, "Clap flip flop, clap flip flop, clap clap flip flop, clap flip flop," coming out of room 124 at the start of every period today. For this #awesometuesday I taught my students an old camp rhythm that my friend Angela taught me years ago. When KCraig burst in the room from the computer lab across the hall she danced in the center of the circle while we clapped out the beat. Junior High is awesome.

Tonight Brookie and I celebrated NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY by getting a FREE short stack of pancakes at IHOP. The parking lot was packed, the line was out the door and everyone was hungry for pancakes. Two of my students sat at the table beside us with their families. Today's homework was to eat pancakes and they get an A+. I love dinner dates with Brooke when we talk about Disciple and life and she makes me laugh at least half the time.

This pile is the latest addition to my friendship bracelet stockpile for summer 2014. I've been giving some bracelets away this year but most of them are set aside for the counselors and campers that will fill Tecumseh in a few months. Last year I gave 100 during camp and my goal is to reach that number again. I'm getting close!

After making 14 bracelets while baby-sitting last week I was almost out of string with only orange, red and green left in the bag. Brooke and I drove down to Michael's so I could pick a bouquet of bright friendship bracelet string and stock back up again. I was getting worried about running out but now I'm ready to knot again. So much potential in that collection of string.

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  1. So beautiful, the friendship bracelets are! I have no idea why that sentence came out like that. Also, I am really hungry for pancakes now. But the reason why I am commenting is because I totally forgot about the clap flip flop thing! How do the other rounds/verses go again??