Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"How am I supposed to teach when there are staples to remove?"

Dear Chad, Hayley and KCraig,
I was lucky to get to tag along to your small group at Mama Bear's this afternoon. I'm going to miss my Wednesday Fiesta girls but it's sweet that now I'll get to spend that time with all of you. Loved our talk today--from Prom and Young Life kids, to looking for God's love and the future business of Chad and Hayley. Like KCraig said, the two of you are incredibly faithful with what you do and we're so proud of you both.

Dear Alli Sams,

Dinner dates with you are always so much fun. I'm still not sure how you're not freaked out by meatballs but I'm always impressed with your ability to devour bread sticks. Thankful for nights like this when we get to just talk about anything and everything. I feel lucky to call you a friend and to get to watch you figure out who you are in HS. Can't wait to play this weekend!

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