Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Guys! Huddle up! No, no, not you guys, the other ones."

 Did you know that in Junior High I ran cross country, swam and did track? In HS I shuffled things up a bit. I still ran cross country but I started playing tennis after going to Dartmouth's tennis camp in the summer. Yeah sports. Don't let me fool you, I'm not a really sporty person. I'm athletic for sure-- I can run any race or beat anyone in an obstacle course. But when it comes to catching, throwing, kicking, hitting, serving, pitching, setting--you might not want me on your team.

But one of my favorite things about being a Young Life and Wyld Life leader is cheering on my kids at their sports. Lucky for me, they're phenomenal athletes so any time I need to be sporty, I just defer to them.

This afternoon Julia, Jayla and I started at Fall Creek Junior High. The volleyball girls were playing HSE Junior High aka the school we were all at. Basically this was the battle of the century. The cheering was intense, the players were all over the court and the score was close. The 7th graders from the Clubhouse were victorious but sadly our 8th graders lost.

Our next stop was HSE HS across the road to watch the Varsity team battle Noblesville. We just missed the Freshmen and JV games but we got to see the players in the stands. I was so happy when Julia Washburn, JP and Meric ran up the stairs to tell us about their matches. The Varsity girls fought hard but lost their game to Noblesville. 

Hools, Jayla and I had a blast cheering for everyone else tonight. I believe in showing up.  I believe in friendship braceleting while you watch sports.  I believe in celebrating hard work whether you win or lose. I believe that Trulock's Clubhouse cheer is the most effective. I believe that this was time well spent.

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