Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Okay, so your Instagram game is on point."

Oh, I'm just so excited about this. Saturday morning was the kick-off of our 2nd year of Wyld Life in HSE with KCraig on staff. We had phenomenal leaders come back for their second year and a whole crew of new people show up who are wanting to serve this year. These are friends that we've known for years, walked through life with, prayed for, laughed with, gone to camp together and adventured with. KCraig and I are pumped about doing this with them too. 

Something new we're doing this year are Dream Teams. We want everyone to be plugged in, but we also don't want people to feel overwhelmed. So there are 6 Dream Teams, each led by a WL adult leader, that our HS leaders can pick from. We want them to join a Dream Team they're passionate about, that they want to invest in, to make an impact. Today those Dream Teams met for the first time: Music, Service, Fellowship, WL Blue Crew, Club and Campaigners. So much greatness is going to happen. 

It wasn't on the agenda, but sometimes you've just got to be flexible when you get a great idea. KCraig had us collectively come up with a statement of faith together,
"We are a family who has each other's backs, who is different and unique but united in Christ, who is broken and allows one another to be vulnerable, who strives to intentionally love one another, who is a part of something bigger than us-- the Kingdom of Christ, who wholly recognizes that Christ is with us and we can do nothing apart from Him, who is available for one another, who is not a group of mentors but disciples of Christ and we choose to do it together." 

That's the kind of community I'm so proud to be part of. 

Afterwards I got to go with some of my girls as they bought new bibles and journals. It was so cool getting to show them the NIV, Message, study bibles, teen bibles, parallel styles and then have them pick out what they wanted. They've got so much excitement for their faith right now and it's beautiful. 

Julia and I dropped by the Ahlwardt's for Olivia's first birthday party. Lauren hit out of the park with the watermelon theme, Olivia decorations and Pinterest awesomeness all over the house. It's been a beautiful year since this little girl came into the world--we're such fans of her.

I had the privilege of hanging out with Fudge Saturday night. I hadn't seen her since the week before school got out for the summer which was entirely too long. We had a dinner date at Olive Garden to catch up and then we hung out with her family and watched McFarland USA. When I think of really phenomenal people I think of the Andritsch family-- I'm better just for being around them. I already hate not getting to see Fudge at school every single day. We're going to have to come up with a regular routine to see each other. 

Sunday morning I finally got to get back to church after being away all summer. Somehow all of my fav Northview families were at the Fisher's campus at 11:00 and all just happened to sit in the same two rows. Lucy, Elise, Sophie, Julia, Audrey, Alli Sams and Sarah Woodward are phenomenal girls and I'm lucky to call them friends. 

Today's sermon was all about serving using our gifts and talents. My parent's and home church taught me about service by doing it-- my parents greeted at church, volunteered their time, always said yes to helping others out, worked in the nursery, gave generously and joyfully. I hope that I've followed in their footsteps to live my life the same way.

I loved so many of Pastor Steve's words today, "We all want our life to count for something. We all want our life to matter. We have to entrust our lives to Him... You won't grow your faith until you're serving. You can memorize the Bible but it won't do anything until you apply it. Live the life God designed for you... I can't imagine anything more important that using your gifts to serve God."

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

If you look at how you're spending your time each week are you using your gifts? Are you serving others? Are you making the kind of difference you're called to? If not, go make it happen. 

I got to have a spontaneous after church lunch with my friends Katy and Hope which was awesome. I hadn't seen Hope since last school year and I'd missed her face. These two crack me up. I can hardly believe they're Seniors now. 

Erin Williams was a Warrior weeks 8 and 9 this summer and she's been one of my fav kids since she was in my cabin four summers ago. She was driving back from Bloomington with her mom and sister tonight and they stopped to have dinner with me. I got to officially invited her into Varsity FBC with our last frocket from last year and catch up on life in the past week. I'm so thankful for this kid and all her spunk and heart.

I was honored to be invited to the going away party for Jon and Annie Houghton. They ran Carmel YL when I moved to Indy six years ago and they were two of the main reasons that I fell in love with Young Life. They made me feel like I was part of their family, that my role in YL girls' lives was important and that God loved me and would work through me. I can't imagine if I hadn't met them. They are the kind of people that I want to be just like one day for so many reasons. Words can't do them justice.

They're moving to the Chicago Region of YL right now and those people have no idea how lucky they are to get the Houghton family. They will do great things. But it's hard for them leave all of the relationships and memories and community they've built here.

Tonight as they were speaking and people were thanking them I was thinking of a chapter from Love Does. Bob's son is buying a boat at a super low price for what it's worth, he thinks it might be a scam at first. But he meets the man and he turns out to be a really cool guy,

"So why are you selling the boat?" I asked, trying to tease out any underhandedness.

"I just don't have the time anymore," he replied, "It kills me to let her go, but it's just time to move on. What I'd love is to find someone who can add to the legacy of this boat." He looked at Adam as he said this, projecting an emboldening Are-you-up-to-the-challenge? vibe. 

Jon and Annie are leaving behind a legacy, but the story will continue. They pointed out tonight that the people in place in Indy will continue to do great things, these friendships will continue to grow, things will just look differently now. I'm so thankful for the way they've invested their faith into the lives of countless people. It's made all the difference.

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