Monday, August 10, 2015

"I think we should do some 10 minute writes in Young Life this year. We love those."

In 2009 I started my first teaching job at HSE Junior High--room 201. I missed week 9 of Tecumseh that summer to move into my first apartment and first classroom. It was a whole lot of firsts.

Then in 2012 I came back from camp and moved into room 134, my new classroom, at a new building which took the name HSE Junior High. Meanwhile the old building was renamed the Freshmen Center. This time the whole staff moved so it was a crazy mix of old and new at the same time as we opened a new building together.

Today I moved into room 107 at Fall Creek Junior High, the same building I started in back in 2009. About 2/3 of the staff I've worked with before but we have new administration. Once again, it's a whole mix of old and new all at once.

After the disctrict meeting, getting my key at central office and a school meeting, I finally made into my classroom. All of my things were plastic wrapped together up front and the rest of the room was empty.

My room looked like this. And did I mention that students come in two days?

There was a whole heck of a lot of work to be done. Good thing efficiency and organization are two of my favorite things.

I called in the troops and 13 girls came to help me unpack my classroom-- Elise Ruby, Brookie, Kara, Genna, Kaitlyn, Cami Berman, Jules, Sam Fox, Katy P, Sophie Sams, Maddie, Liz Huston and Julia. Both life and unpacking are a whole lot easier when you've got a big family to help you out. 

By 5:30 everything was unpacked, hung up and organized all over the room. Maddie and Hools were with me till the end and we're pretty pumped about the final product. Totally looks like a classroom right?

Wouldn't you want to come hang out with Miss Wright in this classroom everyday? Hopefully you said yes. If you didn't it's ok because this is a blog and I don't actually hear your responses.

Now that everything is unpacked tomorrow I'll get to do teachery things like... class rosters, lesson plans, computer schedules and more meetings.

Hools and I grabbed dinner quickly before heading out to the barn for the first official YL of the school year. Tonight also served as our camp reunion party for Castaway. I was thrilled to see so many leaders show up, 15 of us, and to reunite with our kids. Ryan let me pick the songs tonight so we sang Shut Up and Dance, Whom Shall I Fear and Keep Our Eyes Open.

Our small group was walking outside to talk when LILLY WALTMAN FROM SESSION 3 SHOWED UP! Julia immediately started crying and I was freaking out. Lilly was in Fishers with two other Cathedral girls and they decided to surprise us.

So thankful for Alli Sams, friends that feel like family, remembering our week at camp together, YL nights, scrunchies being back, ISAIAH and hugs from Michelle Devoe. Best first day back to school ever.

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