Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"I had 4 bruises but a $100 bill in my pocket."

Top 10 Things That Were Awesome Today
1. Brand new shipment of string for Friendship Bracelet Club
2. Posts from Devon Kennedy and Emma MacAbee-- such a fan of them
3. Purposely had no official plans tonight which I very rarely do
4. Ran a new route after school and explored
5. Walked with Maddie to Dairy Queen for ice cream before dinner
6. Wrote letters to Alice and Lily
7. Hung out with the Halkyard family for movie night
8. Started my 2nd friendship bracelet of the year
9. Dusted my apartment for the first and probably the last time ever
10. Watched Kid President in class for Awesome Tuesday

Top 10 Things I Miss About Camp on this #TecumsehTuesday
1. Chapel in the Green Cathedral
2. Singing iPod shuffle style as we walk around camp
3. Eating every meal in the Party Room
4. Working with the CILT counselors Liz, Alli and Tim
5. Walking between villages
6. Rest hour best hour
7. Hanging out with kids before lunch
8. Talking with CILT girls in the Longhouse before devotions
9. Hiking to the Gish
10. Seeing friends like Erin O'Awesome, Diggy and Katherine

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