Monday, August 31, 2015

Rush YL.

Right now so many HSE grads and Tecumseh friends are off at college. Not only are they figuring out life with their new roommate, finding classes all over campus and staying up way too late, but many of them are also rushing sororities and fraternities. You could be a SIB, an Alpha Phi, a Theta or a Kappa. All of those would make you happy. But just in case you're not in college yet... Want to know what you should join? Rush Young Life. 

At Young Life you never know when a whole mob of show choir friends will break out in a choreographed dance when a song they know comes on. Feel free to jump in and pretend you know all the moves too.

At Young Life everyone is in. You've invited every single time and we'll be so excited when you walk through the door. It doesn't matter what grade you're in, how often you've come or who your friends with. You're in.

At Young Life we have odd battles and competitions. But YL people are enthusiastic if nothing else. You will have fun and you will probably look a little silly while doing it.

At Young Life you never know what's going to happen next. One of my favorite moments tonight was when I said, "It's a boy v. girl competition. You have one minute to fit as many people of your gender into a car as you can. Go!"

There were 22 boys in this van.

There were 24 girls in this car.

At Young Life you'll see us whip, nae nae, play bball outside the school while singing Fresh Prince, give Gracie solos and hit the quan. We're good at choreographed dances. By good I mean really enthusiastic.

At Young Life we buzz in by hitting bowls with spoons on our partner's head. It's better than just raising your hand.

At Young Life we're all about relationships. Haleigh and I have been friends for six years and this past summer we lead a cabin of these freshmen girls together. It was one of the best weeks ever. Now we love getting to all see each other every Monday night.

At Young Life we share the truth of Christ that has transformed our lives. Everything we do springs from that hope and joy. Tonight Jackie shared about the light, God's light, and how it's their to guide us when we're lost or challenged. Young Life is a place where you can refocus on that light every week.

Rush YL.

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