Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Hey. You should text me to hang out with you again."

Do you know why this blog is called Lives Overlap? Years ago I had a camper named Grace McGill. She's a legend, a rock star, the kind of person that just makes life better. We got to see each other over winter break the year after she was a CILT. She texted me the next day and told me, "My favorite times of the year are when our lives overlap." I love that. I love thinking about the people that we get to overlap with and how those moments can be so important.

Tuesday night I got to overlap with three really phenomenal people: 

Emily Westcott was one of my Carmel YL girls years ago and we're still friends today. She's about to start her Senior year at IU and she's one of the most driven college students I know. I love that we can make time for each other when we're in the same city.

Ellyn. Oh, Ellyn. It had only been two days since we'd seen each other last and it had been far too long. She came to see Emily and I, show off her new Patagonia shorts and pick up her laptop and a late letter from Jarnie. I never get tired of time with Ellyn.

Julia aka Hools. She lives right down the street and had to stop by when I told her Ellyn would be in attendance. Hools is so good at showing up for people. She got a Fit Bit today and is about to jump into the competition so strong. Can't wait to step it up with her all the time. 

THIS MORNING SCHOOL STARTED!!!! I woke up in a mild panic that I had slept through my alarm, but thank goodness I had plenty of time. I got to school early, walked around with KCraig, Trulock and Jeannie and then greeted the children as they streamed into the building. It's exciting to meet all of my kids and I love familiar faces of YL kids or last names that I recognize as my previous students. But the best part of the first day is seeing all of the 8th grades who come to say hi-- girls like Emily Babb, Hannah Devoe, Mer, Sydney, Jayla, Olivia, Grace and Lauren. I'm thrilled that they're all at the Fall Creek Clubhouse this year. 
While going through old papers today I found something that I must have written a few years ago but it seemed so applicable to today,

"The only time people think it's cool to be just like everyone else is in Junior High--but even then I think you're also trying to be independent and unique and just ahead of the trend. There are hundreds of girls with perfectly straightened hair, leggings and carefully disheveled flannels that all blend safely into the crowd. I want to celebrate the girl that smiles wide with braces, the boy that wears a bow tie on game day and the girl who rocks a side pony braid with a goodwill sweater. Let's not fit in. Let's be different. Let's make a wave in the land of all things Vera Bradley and Nike Elite."

After school I got to overlap with the one and only Megan Cook. I'm still sad that she didn't get to come to YL camp with us this summer but so glad that she will hang out with my on days like today. I'm glad that we can each finish off a whole plate of french fries as we talk for two hours at Steak n' Shake. I love that she's always totally honest and candid with me. I love that God's got a plan for her life and that he's pursuing her just like he's pursuing you and me. I love that Cookie and I walked around Target together so she could get extra large band-aids, I could get two curtain rods and we both bought a box of Apple Strawberry Go Go Squeezes. 

Tonight the Wyld Life Adult Leaders, aka the inner circle, met for Back To School ice-cream at Graeter's. We went all out for sprinkle cones and waffle bones tonight.

KCraig, Trulock, Conner and Jess are part of my family here in Fishers and I'm so glad I'm back to overlapping with them again. It's exciting to be kicking off a new year of Wyld Life and I'm thankful for their hearts in all of this. This Saturday we'll meet with our HS leaders who will be going through discipleship and I'm so excited to dream with them about this year.

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