Monday, August 3, 2015

"So when you take your contacts out is everything blonde?"

Top 10 Highs of the Day
1. BEADS CLINIC BEST CLINIC- Clare Smedley, Erin Dickett, Erin Williams, Liv, Marge, Faith, Daisy, Meg, Lauren Quigley, Emily- actually almost died because I love all 9 of these children and now we get to hang every single day
2. FAB 2nd period- Liv, Marge, Erin and Erin, Daisy and Lauren Quigley all come over from beads and we're joined by more friends like Celia, Kendall, Viv, Callan and Sarah Z
3. Getting a letter from Alice and package from Patagonia
4. Lake time with Brave girls digging up rocks
5. Laughing with Ryan and Josh while our campers did speed friendshipping
6. Giant Diet Coke from Ellyn when she got back from the doctor
7. Beach volleyball Teccumserve v. Narnia!
8. Post Trading Post walk to Nightengale and back for freeze pops, quilts and a skip-it
9. Building a fire with Clare Smedley for the Women's Journey
10. Hanging out with Nina tonight
11. Running to hug Sally and Mary Cate across the field
12. Pool time steps with Callan, Meg, Danielle, Clare and Audrey 
13. My Lighthouse devotion and love tanks with our girls

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