Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekend Letters

Dear Friday Night Lights,

I didn't watch a single minute of the football game, but I love that sporting events serve as a gathering for so many awesome people. I loved running into Clarence, chatting with Mrs. Ruby, Mrs. Sams and Mrs. Vigren, hanging out with Jackie and Lauren, hanging out in the stands with girls like Elyse and Silv, a whole crew of Seniors and anyone else I could spot in the crowd. I loved seeing Cecilia cheer at her first official Varsity game and watching Cami and Caitlyn dance during half time. Such a proud YL leader. 

Dear Saturday morning sports,

Cross Country you have my heart. I loved getting to show Maddie around her first meet ever as we got thousands of steps while cheering on our friends Grace, Fudge, Bippus, Lulu, Kayla and Elise. These girls are rock stars. There was just so much going on we got to explore the new wing of the HS, visit the football game for half a second and then see a whole bunch of Sophomore friends at the soccer game.

Dear Batman,

You are a hero. I wish I could have seen you flying around the outlet mall this afternoon. So proud to be your aunt.

Dear Spinnaker,

The week we spent together at Castaway at the start of the summer was one of my favorites. Thank you for being you and for doing life together. I'm so thankful that almost all of us could gather together tonight. Can't wait to keep hanging out all year.

Dear Young Life and Wyld Life Paint War,

YOU WERE SO MUCH FUN! Few things are greater than hanging out with close to 200 friends, spewing Sprite, chucking paint at your students/teacher, hearing about Jesus feeding 10,000 people with just a few fish and laughing with genuine joy.


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