Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Just wanted to say that the high of my day is reading your blog because no matter how bad my day actually was, your blog just makes me so happy. Also I wore my pajama shirt to school and no one could tell."

Highs of the Weekend

1. Trulock and I were crazy stepping machines at school on Friday. I was at 13,000 when I left school and was well on my way to winning the Work Week Hustle.

2. I finally got to visit Sarah and Ben Battaglia in Champaign, IL to meet their sweet new baby Annie. She's just over a month old and totally squishy and adorable.

3. Friday night they hosted YL leadership at their house for Champaign college leaders andit was cool sitting in on how another area operates. Plus we had guacamole from Chipotle's recipe they just released online. I got to see my camp friend Jackie Marshall who leads at U of I which was just awesome. 

4. Saturday was totally relaxing and awesome. We had a long breakfast at Le Peep while Annie snoozed. Hung out all afternoon. Watched so much Parks and Rec. Friendship braceleted. Stayed on top of our social media. Watched Annie be adorable. 

5. I visited Kat at U of I in her freshmen dorm. She's so college and right at the start of rush craziness. I'm glad I got to see her in a little bit of her life here.

6. On my way back to Indy I made a pit stop in Zionsville to visit Big Girl and her family. She's a rock star, this one. Totally worth the extra time on the drive.

7. I was able to go to church on Sunday for Northview's 35th Anniversary. I love this church. I love that right now when I show up on Sunday the Ruby, Sams, Dewolf and Woodward families are all there too.

8. I picked up Elise, Julia and Elyse for a mini-Spinnaker reunion this afternoon. We went to IHOP for breakfast for lunch. I love that Elise and Elyse both got chicken and waffles and Julia got a strawberry-banana-nutella crepe like she gets at volleyball nationals. These three girls are so sweet, kind, easy-going and thoughtful. I love spending time with them.

9. After taking a crafting hiatus all summer I'm officially back at it. I spent most of the afternoon painting canvases and starting friendship bracelets for this week. I've got a few friends that have been needing some Sarah Wright art. Do you know who else shares all of my favorite things on this pink canvas?

10, Surprise visits from Julia and Maddie, my sister's birthday tomorrow and so much anticipation for the week ahead.

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