Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Are you going to be a cat or a dog when you grow up?" "Um... a lamp!"

Today was awesome.

Top 10 Highs of the Day

1. Steps, steps, steps while I proctored my students' test this morning
2. Watching Camp Rock when they all finished early
3. Cheering at the HSE XC meet with Fudge, Grace, Elise, Lulu and the rest of the girl team
4. Seeing Cal from Session 2 run and getting to talk to him
5. Trying out Project Pie with Maddie-- great pizza, go check it out

6. Maddie's face when I gave her a canvas
7. Walking into the Vigren's house, looking at old pictures of Hope and laughing with Cecilia and Colby
8. Getting to hold Jayla's baby brother Braeden and meet her little sister Carter
9. Seeing the whole Sams' fam and be entertained by Audrey
10. Surprising Cookie with Maddie and seeing some of her favorite things

Today I was reading something Donald Miller wrote about his mother who recently passed, "Mary wanted to know how you were, for real. She wanted to know you and collected people the way some children collect baseball cards. She was proud of everybody she knew and she bragged about their accomplishments. She often admired people so ferociously they started believing they were the person she thought they were." Isn't that beautiful? Those are the kind of accomplishments and talents I long to have one day. 

Top 10 Things I Miss About Camp on this #tecumsehtuesday

1. When you get the most kind and specific love tank from someone you didn't expect
2. A new chapel that you can tell people really worked hard on and it really hits you
3. When your whole cabin gets on the Saturn together during Lake Time
4. Country Hoe Down theme night when people keep wearing their overalls to campfire
5. Rest hour best hour when a thunderstorm starts and you get to just keep sleeping
6. Coming back early from a night off and getting to sit in on devotions
7. Reuniting with old friends during staff training and being in a cabin together
8. Finding a really quality shirt at Wal-Mart that becomes a staple of your wardrobe
9. Practicing a hip-hop clinic routine over and over once you've learned all of it
10. When all of River Village sings along to Creek's cheer (C! R-E-E-K Creek Creek we're here all week. C! A-M-P-T Camp T is the place to be.)

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