Monday, September 28, 2015

"This is my trash bag jersey. I'm going to frame it like Lebron's and hang it on my wall."

Pizza and Young Life. Two of my favorite things in the world. Rest assured, YL Pizza Club was a success.

I text my YL kids during the day to remind them to come to Club but I never really know who will show up until I come downstairs from leadership. I was pumped to see Hools and Alli Sams right away. Hannah was so excited to have Bethany and Dalton here with her. 

I was blown away and ecstatic about the Freshmen girl army that showed up tonight. I've been lucky enough to be leading girls in this grade for three years now and they've got a big chunk of my heart. I love coming to their volleyball matches and cross country meets, going to dinner together or traveling to camp. They are phenomenal.

Boys are really good at running around and playing sports before Club starts. Boys are not really great at freezing so I can take a picture of them all. It's a challenge to ever get a picture of all the boys in attendance because two thirds of them won't stop moving long enough for me to take it.

Every game of the night involved some kind of pizza. First Eli, Dalton and Jack assembled and fed Pizza Lunchables to the blindfolded Nat Rat, Sophia and Cassidy. It was a saucy, cheesy mess of a race and it was incredible.

The Italian brothers Fettuccine and Alfredo spent the night with us, officiating the Pizza Olympics. We ordered pizzas from Marco's, Hot Box and Pizza Hut. When a pizza arrived we stopped what we were doing, raced to make a tunnel and ushered in the delivery person. Fettuccine and Alfredo presented each one with a medal, tested the pizza and asked them a few questions.

Next four teams raced in a relay obstacle race across the gym to scarf down a bagel bite and then run back through the course to tag their next teammate.

Wes wasn't quite sure what to make of things when he arrived with the next pizza. He was a great participant and joined right in with Fettuccine and Alfredo's Italian accent.

Instead of a normal raffle, we played Deal or No Deal with Hot Box pizza boxes. On your turn you picked a random pizza box to open up. If there was nothing inside you were eliminated and had to sit back down. If you found something inside like a magazine or a Chik-Fil-A gift card you can either keep it or take a risk and open another box which might have something you like better or it might be empty.

About 16 kids got to have a turn opening boxes and trying to find something they'd want to keep.

These are just some of our prize winners with a dollar, friendship bracelets, McDonald's gift cards, a chocolate bar, Sour Patch kids and a new Wyld Life tshirt.

Our last game of the night had a twist that no one saw coming. Taylor Pozzebon stepped up first to get blindfolded. She was timed as she smelled, tasted and identified different pizza toppings-- pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms.

Jacob Ruby went next and beat her time by 20 seconds.

Colton Thomas went third for the grand finale. Little did he know that after the mushrooms we handed him a bowl with a live mouse. You can imagine his shock when he went to reach for it and grabbed onto a moving, breathing mouse instead of another pizza topping.

Taylor loves all living things and volunteered to take the mouse home as a new pet. Hopefully her parents were happy about her prize from club. 

I love doing life with these people. I'm so thankful for a partner in crime like KCraig that has my back and is always up for anything. I love her craziness and unpredictability.

I'm such a fan of Kegley and Cassidy. These two girls are both secretly hilarious, consistently awesome and the kind of people you want to be friends with. Tonight I'm thankful for Club and pizza and this Young Life family.

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