Sunday, September 13, 2015

"My mom said you could stay and eat salmon. She can't wait to see you again because she thinks you seem so cool and she just wants to talk to you. She was going to show you our quilts."

Today we adventured. Fudge is one of my favorite adventuring partners. She's always up for anything and has such a whimsical spirit. 

Fudge and I have been wanting to explore Flat Fork Creek Park (near 101st and Cyntheanne) and today we finally made it happen. It's a newly developed park in Fishers and it's even cooler than we anticipated.

First we climbed up the switchbacks to the top of the 50 ft sledding hill. YOU CAN SEE SO MUCH FROM UP THERE!

We knew there would be some Tree Houses to explore.

Little did we know we could cross some creeks, run the mountain bike course curves, test out the balance beams and seesaws and cross all of the bridges. We didn't find the fishing pond but we'll have to look for that next time.

Today I painted. I love getting to make things for people I love. I hope that putting these words up in their rooms will make their lives and their days a little bit brighter.

Today we played. After the stomach flu got the best of me on Friday I had to cancel plans to visit Zionsville but I made up for it tonight when I went to dinner with Big Girl and then showed up at Emma's house to surprise her with a canvas. This pair-- they're just the best. I don't ever get tired of spending time with them and can't believe I didn't know them before this summer. I was missing out.

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