Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Wait, where's your scrunchie tonight?"

I have some of the best students in the world. I'm extra lucky because I also get to be one of their Wyld Life leaders which might be an even better deal. I love Wednesday nights when we all gather together for Campaigners. 

This is love. Chloe was feeling a little nervous about sharing her story later in the night. I walked up on Katy giving her a hug and praying for peace and wisdom.

Tonight we got to start with a project for the YL Banquet that's happening next weekend. KCraig gave the kids notes, signs and place mats for them to write on.

Isn't it just so cool how every single one of these kids has their own YL story. They came for different reasons, connect with different leaders, remember different truths from our conversations-- but every story matters.

"I love Wyld Life because I can be myself." -Kylie
"I love Wyld Life because I make new friends while becoming closer with God." -Olivia
"I love Wyld Life because to learn about God with all of my friends." -Taylor

"I love Wyld Life because I meet new people and connect with God." -Kim Kardashian and Sarah

"To me, Wyld Life means a good time with friends while learning about Jesus."
"I can learn about God with my friend. (And there's a good girl to guy ratio.)"

"I love Wyld Life because it's so special to me." -Jesse

"I love Wyld Life because I get to share my faith with my students, point them to Christ and walk through life together. We get to create a community where people instantly feel welcomed and included." -Miss Wright

Rachel and Conner, from the Music Dream Team, rocked out tonight with One Thing Remains. I love hearing all of these kids sing along about how God's love will never fail us.

I'm thrilled ever single week that Laura and Hadley are finally part of Wyld Life this year. I love these girls and love getting to spend time laughing with them, pouring water on Laura's head and talking together.

We're trying something new this year and having a different HS leader share their story each week. Chloe started us off, setting the president that our lives aren't perfect, our pasts haven't been perfect, but God's love is perfect and he's making our lives new. I'm so impressed and thankful for her honesty, vulnerability and transparency tonight. Chloe's life is a story of grace, transformation, starting fresh, feeling alone and finding community. love and joy. I'm so lucky that I've been able to watch this story for the past four years. I love this girl.

Tonight when we broke up I sat in a circle with Anne, Kaitlyn, Chloe and these awesome girls. A mix of 7th and 8th graders and five different schools, this is a beautiful mix. I love that we're learning more about God, each other and ourselves. This is the best part of the week.

When we came down from small groups our friend Sherisa was waiting in the kitchen. She's heading back to Trinity at the end of the week for her sophomore year but had a few deliveries to make. She and her sister Shaya have started an organization called Speak Love (you can follow them on Insta @speakloveorg) that raises money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She came to drop off Speak Love t-shirts that KCraig and I had ordered and we LOVE them. Sherisa and Shaya do most of their fundraising by selling canvases that they create and tonight she surprised me with one. "There are no strangers here--only friends we haven't met yet." These words were on a girls' shirt at YL one night last Fall and they've stuck with both of us. I think they're the perfect description of YL and camp and so many things that I'm all about. It was the perfect gift.

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