Thursday, September 24, 2015

"This is the best banana I've ever eaten."

Mel Lang and I have a mutual appreciation for sports and sports games and sporters. When we were CILT counselors together years ago we'd spend Friday nights playing sports with the CILTies in the Main Field during Trading Post. Today she sent me this...

I've been watching a whole lot of sports lately. I got to watch my friend Jan coach her cross country team on Tuesday night at our school. The HS teams played both Tuesday and Wednesday night. I'm lucky to have so many YL girls and old students on the teams that I can cheer on.

Both XC and Volleyball are so much fun to watch and support because they're both exciting in completely different ways. I love seeing someone dig in at mile two and try to catch the pack ahead of them. Or watching a team rally when they're down a few points and then come back with an awesome kill, saving a ball by diving for it or a trick shot over the blockers head. Sports, I tell ya they're great.

FBC officially started learning patterns today. After making potholder headbands and best friend necklaces we had just been practicing the tornado and stripe. But today we learned to make the hardcore and the V. My veteran FBC kids are working away on complicated patterns and soon everyone will be doing their own thing. I love afternoons like this when I get to just sit down with a circle of the girls and talk and laugh.

p.s. Camp T is just a week away

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