Monday, September 7, 2015

TWL Pits Work Crew 2015

•Literally running out of school on Thursday, jumping in the car and getting out of the parking lot before all of the buses

•Getting Bridget Duffy and getting Chipotle at Notre Dame

•"Oh you can change the song. My passcode is DOGS."

•"Yeah I had health problems so then I started eating Subway."

•"I had a dream about you while I was in school today."

•Stopping for Tasty Treat right outside of camp before we arrived and getting giant ice-creams in the rain

•Pulling into camp at 9:30-- Duffy's first time at a YL camp and Elise, Maddie, Rachel and Cookie's first time at TWL

•Arriving to camp on Thursday night, running around in the dark, finding our work crew shirts, 
getting our official name tags, and finding our cabin

•When Sar and Rachel peed their pants because Cookie was crying because she didn’t want to play games with people after we finished Pits the first night

•Hools dropped all the pitchers, Sar broke plates, Maddie put away the metal containers wrong and all the pans got mixed up--but we sure tried hard

•Shopping in the YL Store before anyone got to camp and the girls eventually all buying multiple boho headbands

•Making sure we saw the go carts, Giant Swing, crazy climbing wall and taking a lap around the lake the first morning because we knew we wouldn't get out of the Pits the rest of the time

•Sar auto corrects Cookie to take out her cuss words

•Cookie got to fall asleep in the grass multiple times

•Five days of awesome selfies all over camp #DreamTeam #DreamWeekend

•The first meal when we had no idea what we were doing and tried to dry the dishes with rags and put the baking sheets in the Hobart backwards

•Hools got blisters and rashes on her feet but she got freaking 51,540 steps

•Jumping up and down and screaming as families pulled into camp

 •When John tricked us and made us think that the wires of the Hobart were under the floor and made Cookie jump up and down to turn it back on but he was actually just hitting the emergency turn off button

 •Freaking rocking our Pits' song:

(To the tune of Super Bass)
Cause you know this Pits Crews going insane 
Scrubbing all day long and we'll never complain 
Oh we’ve got the pots and pans, the plates and cups, 
the Pits team, let's sanitize 
The forks and spoons, more cutting boards, 
the pits team, let's sanitize 

(To the tune of I Wish You Would)
I wish we could wash that 
I love that we'll never, ever be done with the Pits 
Hung my apron, I love it more than my Patagonia 
So glad it's work crew, Y-L, we love that, our Pits crew

•Breakfast the first full day when the High School Musical song “Work, work, work this out” came on which is the song the cast sings in the kitchen when they're cooking and washing dishes

•Rachel was the MVP of Deep Pits and the sprayer

•The first time we tried to figure out how to crush cans, we didn't know you had to take the bottom off, Maddie was helping Hools jump and Hools wiped out on her butt

•Wolf Shirt Sunday with Haleigh and Frances

•When Sar made everyone lick the whip cream off of the giant whisk and bakery mixer before we washed them

•When Balmat and Sar put their faces in the left over cake

•Balmat was doing earthquake on the racks when there were pans and Rachel got so nervous and was freaking out

 •Maddie and Mike yelling “Pits, Pits, Pits, Pits, Pits, Pits, Pits” as loud as they could every time Mike left to serve food

•Hanging out with Abby Miller, Bailey, Allie Wier, and Katie Evans-- the coolest people around

•Hools hit her eye on the rope swing, cut her eye lid and it had blood on it the rest of the night

•Just being chill and hanging out with our new and old friends during limited free time every day

•Daily Ice Cream from the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan twice with Work Crew

•Cookie renamed Elise “Gidget” and everyone calls her that now

•Maddie, Sar, and Cookie spontaneously jumped off the rope swing with their clothes on and the lifeguard forgot to make them wear life jackets

•Dressing up in Western clothes just to take a picture before dinner because we immediately had to change and go wash dishes

 •John Balmat, Duffy, Hannah Huston, Mylean made guest appearances in the Pits Crew

•Becoming friends with Kelly and Sarah from Midland Michigan, Camryn and Kali from Zionsville, Fran, Mylean, Mads, Audrey, Molly, Isabelle, Mike Pitz and Erin from Carmel

•Late night leader worship meetings, Zombie v. Human Nerf gun fight in the dark with a strobe light in the Club room and the Work Crew/Summer Staff dance party

 •Meeting Sar’s parents at their house, Nick, Linc and Reford and getting ice-cream at Captain Sundaes

•Running into Dimnent Chapel to see the stained glass and Sar's favorite class, walking into the SIB Cottage and taking a super fast tour, meeting Sar's sister Katie in her new office

•Maddie, Elise, and Rachel woke up from their nap in the car on the way home and Sar, Cookie and Hools changed the time on all the clocks to make them think that we weren't getting home till 11

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