Thursday, September 10, 2015

"It's so much fun to love people."

Smooney is finding so many good things on the internet this week. She and I got to go to see Taylor Swift in Chicago together and next week I'm going with Julia in Indy. I love Taylor. Last weekend Cookie asked me, "I know you're obsessed with Taylor Swift, but why do you like her?" This article helps sum up part of it. What the Mass Appeal of Taylor Swift Says About the Church.
"Whether carefully cultivated or authentic (or both), Taylor Swift’s image is predicated on her niceness to fans, her love of “squad” friendliness, her innocent romances and her graciousness toward other artists.It’s a brand our culture has embraced, because it’s one our culture wanted."
This afternoon the Friendship Bracelet Club returned at Fall Creek Junior High-- aka the FBC is back at the Clubhouse.

68 kids gathered in the library for our first official meeting. We started by playing Crossover to see how much we all have in common. Then we sat down to make potholder headbands together.

7th and 8th graders were making friends, the 5 boys were integrating into the mix, our five friends that came over from HSIJH and three girls from the HS all jumped right in. We've got quite the crew.

Once they finished their headband they cut string to start making tornado bracelets. Next week we'll step up our game to a new pattern, but for now we're just getting our bearings.

Starting year 7 of the FBC is nuts. I'm thankful for older girls like Maddie, Cami and Julia that just can't get enough and want to keep coming back.

I love that even though redistricting split us between Junior Highs, Brooklyn, Liv, Grace, Emily and Sarah are still driving over to be part of the FBC with us. Everybody's in.

The party wasn't over yet because there was plenty of volleyball ahead. I got to cheer on my freshmen girls and then finally made it to watch the Varsity team. Everybody won quickly against our rivals Fishers HS. The best part is always hanging out with my pals in the stands.

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  1. Hey! I just read that article! I love Relevant magazine! If you haven't already, you should out their stuff, they do some great things!